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1. Service
 A. To become one of our members,you have to go through all the formal  procedures to be certified by this station .

B. You agree to obey all the stipulations and relative legal requirements when you use our service.
C. We reserve the right to certify the membership. In addition,we also reserve the right to terninate the membership of any members.
D. The amendment of the service stipulations apply to all the members which will be announced on our bulletin board.
2. Privacy Protection
A.We follow the " Declaratin of  Privacy Protection " by this station to protect your privacy ( refer to Declaration of Privacy Protection ).
3. For members
A. Member service is provided according to registered account and code combinatons.
B. Members should manage and protect their account and code combination properly.
    They are responsible for any irrelevant application of the member's account or code combination
    as a consequence of this activity.
C. You should notify this station immediatly after finding loss of the code combination or being stolen.
    Any loss created by failure to this immediate action is for the account of the holder.
D. After use, you should turn off the window to protect your right.
F. Stealing of the code combination will have to take all the responsibility for any loss due to this activity not
   including the expense of law suit and compensation of commercial reputation.
4. Reference for registration.
A. You should provide this station with accurate and complete information.
B. No forgery is permitted. In case of being discovered, you will be deprived of the membership, and legal prosecution will be  activated due to this violation
C. You are required to update you basic information to ensure the integridy of your membership.
    Any inaccuracy of your information entitles this station to terminate your membership.
D. Without aggrement of the member himself or herself, this station will not disclose any information to any third  
    However, considering sharing principle.... it is not confined to this stipulation (please refer to Declaration of   
Privacy Protection)
E. You should keep and manage your code combination well without disclosing this information to anyone else or offering anyone 
   else to use it.
   Only one ID number and code combination is applied for the membership.
F. Discovery or doubt of application piracy by a third party of the ID number or code combination will be reported to us immediately  to  take necessary action. However, It is not interpreted that this station is responsible for any result of this activity.
5. Application behavior:
   A. Your use of our service should follow the relative local laws and international laws.
   You are responsible for any activity using this service.
B. You agree not to use this service with illegal purpose according to the relative laws of the nation along with the internet regulations and international    business practice.
   Also, you promise not to use this service for the violation of other people's rights or illegal activity.
C. You must obey the following restriction when using the service of this station :
    1. No violation of personal integrity or trade mark, copy right or intellectual property
    2. You don't use any wording againest social order or kind folklore.
    3. Radical political or religious propaganda.
    4. You are not permitted to use any source of this station without approval of this station.
    5. Activity of any commercial or advertising proposition.
    6. Other relative rules about ( membership stipulation )


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